Welcome to Quick Sold Auction.

We are here to help you with all your downsizing and estate liquidation needs. Whether you are downsizing to a condo, want to get rid of too much stuff, or you have sadly lost a loved one and you are responsible for liquidating their possessions, we are here to help you.

We can do this in the quickest, least disruptive and most profitable way for you, so that you will feel good about the end results. We understand how difficult this time can be, adding great stress to what is already an emotional time in your life.

A lot of our loved one's possessions hold a lifetime of memories attached to them. Even if logic or necessity tell us that it is time, we cannot bear to let them go. We become so overwhelmed with emotion, that we are frozen from taking that first step and we cannot decide on anything. So many family gatherings at that dining room table. Carved initials from the grandchildren embedded in the cabinet drawer. Your mother’s favorite Carnival Glass collection. All these memories bring emotions and they keep you stuck. This is where we come in. Let us help you make this process as positive and as painless as possible.

Call us for a FREE Consultation. We will arrange a time where we will come and look at what you have. We will discuss and assess what you think you need to keep and what will have to go. This will give us a better picture of your situation so that we can go over what services we can offer you and explain our terms.

There is no pressure put on you and we want you to fully agree with everything before we do a thing. If you agree to our terms, the next steps are easy. Our team comes into your home, starts sorting, cataloguing and taking pictures of everything you want to sell. We then upload the pictures and descriptions to our online auction link (Hi Bid) that is seen by thousands of buyers from all over. Once everything is sold on our online auction, we set up two pick-up days. The buyer will then be given the address and a set time to come and pick up their purchases. We will be there to hand them their winning lots and they will not have to come into your home. We will arrange shipping to buyers and we will take those items to our shipping department if need be, at no extra cost to you.

The length of the Auction is up to you. In as little as two weeks, everything can be sold, cleared out and we will be handing you a cheque for your sold items. Auctions are known to bring you the best possible price for most items, even after you pay the auction commission. We do all the work, sell everything, collect the money and disperse the sold items, with the least amount of disruption to you. The only people that come into your home is our team and they are only there on the days we sort and catalogue, and then again when we give it out to the buyer. Clean, quick and easy! You will not have to spend hours individually pricing each item for an estate or garage sale. No haggling or giving away things for next to nothing. No finding people to help you at your sale. None of your things disappearing because you cannot keep your eyes on everyone. No having to find or pay someone to haul your unsold items away. We do all the work, so you don’t have to.

Almost all items sell at auction because of the way we group them. We have a Certified Antique and Personal Property Appraiser on hand to help our teams. Click on the “Our Services ” button, for some of the other options we can offer you.

Give us a call today. Let us help you!

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