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Estate / Downsizing – Personal Property Auction Sale Questions and Answers

Anything that is not Real Estate falls under the category of Personal Property. Big or small. Old or new, there has not been much that has not been sold at Auction. Never throw “anything” away until we look at it first!!

When it is time to sell your personal property, there are several decisions to be made. We understand that many times these decisions are brought about as a result of major life changes and we are extremely sensitive to this every step of the way.

There are so many questions that a seller can have so we have tried to answer some of them for you.

How do I get started?

Call us for a free consultation today. Our phone number is (306) 730-7310

What should I sell and what should I keep?

This can be the overwhelming part, and this is where we can help you.

For example, you are moving to a Condo or smaller home with only so much space. We can help you sort out what is important and what is realistic. You cannot take your large dining room set with you, no matter how many memories you have with it, when your new place only has a small eating area. We can help you in deciding what you should take, what maybe goes to family and what we should sell for you. As much as we would like all our things to be passed onto our loved ones, they do not always want it.

The ideal situation would be to remove all the things you and your family are keeping before we come and tag the items for sale.

What is the best way to possibly get the most monetary value for my personal things and why?

Selling your things on an online auction is the best way to get the most monetary value. No doubt about it and the advantages are numerous.

There are more bidders. We just do not sell to your neighbors; we sell to people from all over. Potentially anyone who owns a computer can bid from anywhere in the world and we will ship anywhere at buyers’ expense.

Your items are exposed to potential buyers online for a period of days rather than a day. Those limited amount of people that come from the area to your Garage Sale, Estate Sale or Live Auction can buy or bid only on that day. Inclement weather, rain, wind, heat, cold, snow, sleet, or hail, will not affect your buyer turn out.

You save hours of work sorting, pricing, tagging and laying things out and there are no people haggling for bottom basement prices. With more bidders comes greater competition leading to higher prices $$$$ for your items.

With an online auction you limit the risk of someone being hurt on your property or for someone stealing or damaging your valuables. Many people are rough in handling things. Less expenses when you do not have to hire people to take your things to the Thrift Store or to the dump.

People will pay you for things that you would normally throw away and they haul it away!!

No rent for a building, tent, toilets, etc., to hold a Live Auction or Estate Sale.

Marketing / Advertising costs are cut considerably because you can reach a worldwide audience with a click of a button. You do not need as many items to hold an online auction. We can hold an online auction with as little as a few larger items.

What is the easiest way to sell my personal things with the least amount of work and stress on my part?

The easiest way is to call us, and our team will handle everything for you.

What is the quickest way to sell all the items I want to part with and how long does it take?

In our opinion the quickest way to sell all your items is to sell with Quick Sold Auction. We can have everything sorted, tagged, photographed, posted online, sold and picked up in as little as two weeks if need be. Ideally, we would like 20 -24 days to complete the auction.

What is the safest way to sell my personal property?

We believe the answer is on an Online Auction. With Covid 19, there have been no public events. The only people handling your belongings is our team. We will take every precaution with sanitizing and masks if need be. We are Insured, Bonded, Licensed and you can bet we are careful. The items never have to leave your home until they are sold, and no one handles them except us until they are sold. Many times, when your things are moved to another location to sell, damage can accidentally happen. Buyers coming to view the items ahead of bidding have been known to damage items and sometimes things can disappear. Same goes for Estate Sales, Garage Sales and Live Auctions. We do not advertise or list your address. No one will be given your address until after the bidding has ended and only if they have won and paid for the item.

What are the advantages of an Online Auction compared to Garage Sales, Facebook Sales and Estate Sales?

You have much larger audiences online and that means more competition, which means higher prices, which means more money! People can shop in their pajamas in the middle of the night and they have several days to bid. Facebook sales can take days or weeks, selling individual items. Garage and Estate Sales take a lot of work in sorting, pricing and people are always trying to haggle and get a lower price. This is also a perfect scenario for some of your things to disappear or for damage to happen to your items. You and your help cannot watch everyone all the time. Another concern is inclement weather when having an outdoor sale.

What things can be sold on an online auction?

On average 98% of practically everything in your home can be sold on an online auction. There are some items that may be illegal and not allowed for sale or items that are soiled or stained but we will go over that with you at our appointment. Do not throw anything away until we see it. Anything from Antiques to the kitchen sink can be sold at an online auction. Let us determine what is not worth selling. The more we can sell, the less you will pay for someone to haul it away.

What if I change my mind on an item that has been put up for auction?

Once your things are posted online, it is too late to change your mind. People have started bidding and it is a done deal. Please be certain before the sale on what you want to sell. IT IS TOO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND ONCE IT IS ONLINE PERIOD. You will sign a contract giving us the go ahead to sell your items. It the item has not been posted and we have not done any work towards putting it online, we can take it off. If we have done the work such as pictures, research and write ups, you will be charged for our time.

How much does it cost to go into your Online Auction?

We work on a commission and cost basis. Meaning we keep a percentage of the proceeds of what is sold. There is no upfront or out of pocket expenses in most cases. After discussing what you are selling, seeing the amount of work that would be involved, we would be able to give you an amount of the percentage we would charge. It varies from sale to sale depending on the circumstances, the quality of things you must sell and the amount. We truly have your best interest at heart because if we make you more money, we make more money. We are fair and competitive.

I have decided to go ahead and have Quick Sold Auction sell my things. How does it work?

This is a guideline only and can be shorter in time if required.

DAY 1-3 Our professional staff will come in and organize, display, photograph and catalogue your items. The time we spend at your place varies with the number of things you would like to put into the sale.

DAY 4-5 Our office staff uploads the pictures and prepares your auction to go onto our website.

DAY 6-19 Your items are made available to the world on our website to bid on. Our awesome staff markets your online auction through many different methods. Typically, you could have hundreds of buyers previewing your items from anywhere.

DAY 20 Competition is fiercest for your items. Most people wait to bid in the last 20-30 minutes. Your auction closes, we send out invoices and payments are collected in the next days.

DAY 23-24 Our trained and professional staff come back to your place and supervise an organized pick up time or times. Nothing leaves the premises without being paid for. We generally would like to offer 2 pick up days with a set 1-3 hour pick up time. This again is determined by the number of items you have. When all items are picked up and paid for, we will give you an itemized report accompanied by a cheque for the amount we owe you from the sale. You will be able to go online after the sale and see what each item sold for.

*** We will follow all Covid 19 guidelines and regulations for the safety of you, our staff and the customer. Hand sanitizers, masks and distancing will be implemented when required. If you are still living in the home, we will make sure all sold items are given to the customer outside unless it is something large that requires a few people to haul it out. Then we will give them gloves and masks before they enter. ***