This list is subject to change, additions and deletions.

Quick Sold Auction reserves the right to not sell any item we deem unsafe, unlawful, unsanitary, unbecoming, or for any reason we feel is necessary in order to protect the integrity of Quick Sold Auction, the seller or the Quick Sold Auction brand.

Quick Sold Auction does not typically allow the following to be sold in their Auctions but in some circumstances, they will make exceptions due to unique circumstances.

  • Food / consumables (including alcohol, tobacco, medication, used cosmetics)

  • Dangerous weapons.

  • Everyday clothing (exceptions being furs, leather, some vintage or antique items, collectible items, etc.)

  • Items related to endangered species such as furs, ivory, bones, skulls, taxidermy or antlers.

  • Regulated items such as kids’ cribs / seats, fireworks, adult content, biohazards, mattresses.

  • Technical hardware and software with out proper documentation / passwords /etc.

  • Items that are not properly disconnected for safety from gas, propane, electrical, water, AC, etc.

  • Items intended to scam, deceive such as counterfeit and fake items such as some bullion, etc.

  • Recalled items.

  • Items such as mattresses or old couches that are stained, badly soiled or with offensive odours.