The Buy/Sell business is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Fueled by Amazon, Kijiji, Etsy, Facebook, Personal Online Stores, Vintage / Antique Markets, Antique Malls and Shops.

People just like you are buying and selling as full time or part time jobs to make extra income or as serious business ventures. It could be you are just a lifetime Collector and it is time to sell some of your treasures. As a shop owner you may have a load of items that have been just sitting there and you need to move them so that you can invest that money into new stock.

Regardless of your situation the one thing that everyone has in common, no matter how they go about selling is that it is not always as quick as we would like, usually it is one item at a time, customers usually want to negotiate and in many cases it requires a lot of work.

Give us a call to discuss the details of our Dealer Membership that gives you a “great discount” on putting on your own Dealer Sale through our Auction Site. This will give you a much larger audience, possibility of getting larger values for your items through people bidding against each other and you can unload a larger amount of merchandise in a couple of hours. With us you spend less time and effort while usually making more money. You do not need a huge number of items to have a sale. There is no packing, moving or hauling and we can have the sale take place in little time.

Partner with us and let’s get selling!

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