Quick Sold Auction is an Online Auction Company that has started in Saskatchewan in 2020.

We are specializing and concentrating our efforts on helping people downsize or in helping families and Power of Attorneys with the overwhelming task of liquidating Estates.

Our goal is to form a Partnership with the Customer, first assessing their needs. Together we will come up with customized solutions that are carried through with the least amount of stress, physical work and giving them the opportunity for some monetary gain. This also includes getting the work done quickly and in the least disruptive way as possible.

Quick Sold Auction is owned and operated by Yvonne Lay. Yvonne and her husband Jim (retired from the CNR), have been residents of Melville, most of their lives. They have raised their family here and Yvonne has owned several successful Businesses over the years. It is her belief that Customer Service and Integrity are the two most important components of owning any business. Yvonne retired from the full-time business world several years ago and became more involved with her two passions. She became a teacher of Stained-Glass lessons and she loved the world of Antiques, Vintage and Collectible items, attending many Live Auctions throughout the years.

Yvonne studied with the Ashford Institute of Antiques and received her Professional level Credentialing status as a PACC Certified Appraiser within the field of antiques, collectibles and memorabilia in September of 2019. She is an Associate Member and is listed as a Certified Appraiser for Insurance and Legal purposes.

Yvonne started to understand from personal experience, that by a certain age or by the loss of a loved one, you are faced with the reality of getting rid of many years of accumulating “stuff.” This can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. Yvonne like thousands of others has had this family experience and she has seen firsthand how difficult it can be. There are so many decisions to make and you do not always have the luxury of time to make these important decisions in the best state of mind. This is where Quick Sold Auction comes in. We want to be there for you.

It is our mission:

  • To help you with the huge undertaking of the Downsizing or Estate Dispersal process.

  • To help you in making the best decisions for you.

  • To find a good home for your belongings.

  • To get you the most money we can for them.

We are Bonded, Licenced, Insured and Personal Property Appraisal Certified.

Call us today and let us help you!